>  Arbitration


Fortis provides independent and expert analysis in the context of preparation of Arbitration claims. Our experts are experienced with complex contractual interpretation, scope of works, delay events and financial entitlements involving a wide range of disputes. We ensure our clients’ follow the procedures for making administrative claims before invoking arbitration or litigation due to condition precedents. We firmly believe the quickest and most cost-effective non-arbitration/ligation alternative is to communicate and negotiate amicable resolutions with the disputed parties. Our clients’ are encouraged where possible to choose this route.

Unfortunately, where parties cannot reach an amicable resolution leading to a formal dispute Fortis provide the following services:

  • Evaluate Disputed Issues
  • Advise Merit of Disputed Issues
  • Liaise with Instructing Solicitor
  • Assist with Substantiation Process
  • Assist with Quantum Analysis
  • Technical Expertise
  • Preparation of Statement of Claim or Defense
  • Assist with Legal Pleadings
  • Compile Expert Reports
  • Expert Witness Testimony