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Contract Claims

Fortis provides client support and guidance with contract claims and administration which is often the key driver to project success or failure. Fortis experts are qualified to provide support evaluating, validating contractual entitlements by analysis of contract documents, review project performance, additional scope of work, unexpected obstructions, specification and design changes. Using our skilled analysis, we can promptly identify causes of critical impact, the effect of those causes on a project, and prepare associated recoverable entitlements under the contract.

Fortis provides the following services:

  • Contractual Advice
  • Review of Engineer’s Decisions
  • Independent Determinations
  • Administrate Provisions of Contract
  • Preparation of Extension of Time Claims
  • Preparation of Prolongation Entitlement
  • Variation and Change Order Impact
  • Acceleration and Disruption Submissions
  • Claim Rebuttals
  • Claim Resolution Strategies
  • Prepare Statement of Claims
  • Evaluating Excusable Delay Events
  • Supplementary Agreement Negotiations
  • Negotiation of Valid Claims